In order to obtain the best projected image accuracy, a precise balance is required between the light engine, the DLP® chipset and the video processing electronics. Building on its heritage of high-end light engine design, SIM2…

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  • NERO 4 UHD is not only a HDR-capable (accepting an HDR-encoded signal via HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2) but it presents a full set of features dedicated to HDR picture display.

    It offers automatic metadata recognition and an advanced calibration mode, with 4 presets to automatically fit screen…

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  • SIM2 has consistently set new standards of performance and design in projection, allied with unprecedented innovation. The all-new NERO 4 UHD HDR is no exception.  

    The NERO 4 UHD HDR projector delivers class-leading picture quality through the partnership of the latest 4K UHD  …

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    With NERO 4 UHD HDR  projector the "widescreen" ratio is easier to achieve than ever thanks to SIM2’s Perfect Fit function. Zoom and focus positioning can be, in fact, stored for 10 different picture formats, from standard 16:9 to 2.40:1 aspect ratio (…

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  • NERO4 key features

    • DLP Technology for a true “Hollywood”  lifetime picture quality experience 
    • 1-chip DMD UHD 
    • 4K UHD Image resolution
    • New, high-precision telecentric optical path
    • High Brightness: up to 5000 Ansi Lumens
    • Full HDR Capability
    • Full color volume adjustments 
    • Zoom & Focus position encoders
    • SIM2 Perfect Fit Feature
    • Adjustable iris with memory

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